A new Circle Square Life


In January 2015 I found out that decisions had been made that would drastically change the circumstances of my life. Our family business, that I had worked for over the past 10 years, were up for sale. Then four months of  keeping a huge secret from beloved colleagues and some of my most treasured friends followed. And I was heart broken. I poured so much love, care and personal energy into our company and now that was being traded in for cash. I owned part of the company so in no way would I go away empty handed from this, but I had no say in or influence over when and to whom 10 years of my professional focus and  personal involvement would pass. In four months I went from being part of running a multi million dollar company to being unemployed and lost. No, I was actually never lost but I had lost my purpose or more specifically I had lost the one way I knew how to apply that purpose.

I realize that I am very lucky, lucky to have been a part of a successful company, and a company that has changed the lives of many for the better at that. I had the privilege to be at the heart of the company, learning and growing together with the people and the business. I now carry with me the knowledge on how to build and run a successful company that value their employees and that appreciates and work for change, change in the people we treat and change within the business and the industry that we operate.

To build on the experience our company gave me and to take advantage of the time and opportunities given to me I have moved to Bali, Indonesia. I’m working on starting the next phase of Circle Square Life. With me I carry a purpose to change peoples lives for the better, to work for a society conscious of mental health and a world where we all help each other.

Keep following “A circle Square Life” and my instagram @circlesquarelife for updates on my progress building a business and my advice, support and opinions on mental health today.

Terima Kasih, Thank You, Tack så mycket!


My work space @dojobali

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