Exorcising the Evil Spirit of Self-Doubt

  Committing to an idea you don’t know will work or not is simply put, terrifying. You can do all the market research, read everything there is to read and pray to all available Gods there are but nothing can ever guarantee you will be successful. Ultimately investing in your own idea is all about … Continue reading Exorcising the Evil Spirit of Self-Doubt

Jaha men hur botar jag stress då?

Under ett par år i mitt liv sökte jag då och då till vårdcentralen för diverse åkommor. Det kunde vara trötthet, en förkylning som aldrig gick över, feber som kom och gick. Mina prover visade aldrig på något, normala blodvärden, ingen direkt vitaminbrist, kanske lite högt blodtryck men fortfarande inom normalspannet. Jag fick alltid traska … Continue reading Jaha men hur botar jag stress då?

A new Circle Square Life

In January 2015 I found out that decisions had been made that would drastically change the circumstances of my life. Our family business, that I had worked for over the past 10 years, were up for sale. Then four months of  keeping a huge secret from beloved colleagues and some of my most treasured friends … Continue reading A new Circle Square Life