My story

I am Lisa Davidsson, I am the founder and owner of Circle Square Life. I’m a research psychologist specialized in social and  neuro psychology. Today I work as a writer and mental health blogger alongside running my retreat and travel business.

I worked for ten years in the social healthcare industry in Sweden. I worked as a counselor, treatment supervisor and director and the last 3 years before I quit I worked as head of R&D. In the field of Social Health Care I met and worked mostly with adolescents and young adults with extensive social issues while also struggling with neuropsychiatric disorders such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

As a counselor and treatment director I worked almost exclusively with designing behavioral programs helping our clients meet the goals set by their social service secretary. In Sweden the social welfare system operates on the basis of an extensive assessment of the client, the family and the environment surrounding the client. The assessment generates a set of goals divided into 7 main areas which form the premises for that individuals treatment within the system. Our job as health care providers was to break down those goals and to guide and support our clients through the process of achieving them. I have worked from setting such goals together with the client and helping and supporting on a daily bases to developing and improving the strategic framework for our staff to use in the same process.

I was head of RnD as well as co-owner and on the board of directors when the company sold in 2015. I took the opportunity to quit and to travel the world for a year before I settled down to found my new business. I have been working as a digital nomad since September 2016.

I am now focusing on working with stress and anxiety relieve. I work mainly with people on the verge of burn out who need to make drastic changes in their life before it’s too late.

If you are interested in my services or further contact please email me at