Ok so I’m stressed, now what?

A few years ago I repeatedly went to the doctor for a variety of smaller issues. In and of themselves they were not really a big deal but I guess my overall feeling was that something was a bit off. The doctors never found anything wrong with me. The explanation I got was always a … Continue reading Ok so I’m stressed, now what?

Jaha men hur botar jag stress då?

Under ett par år i mitt liv sökte jag då och då till vårdcentralen för diverse åkommor. Det kunde vara trötthet, en förkylning som aldrig gick över, feber som kom och gick. Mina prover visade aldrig på något, normala blodvärden, ingen direkt vitaminbrist, kanske lite högt blodtryck men fortfarande inom normalspannet. Jag fick alltid traska … Continue reading Jaha men hur botar jag stress då?

Just Breathe through it

Generally when I hear someone say “just breathe through it” I want to punch that person in the face. Lately I have however come to see some merit in that advice. Or rather I am slowly accepting that yoga can have some real mental health benefits. I haven’t gotten a hang of the whole breathing … Continue reading Just Breathe through it